What is Stozz Audio?

A lot of you want to know whats going on with Stozz Audio.  Why are we back? When do the reviews start? Read on for a brief explanation of the current state of the site.

My name is Scott and you might otherwise have seen me running the AudiophileOn.com website for the past few years.  Some of you might have seen in the past few months that I was thinking about bringing back the Stozz Audio Site but in a far different form than it existed in previously.

As Audiophile On has grown so has its complexity.  I get a lot of emails from people who don’t consider themselves to be audiophiles.  These people often just was a straight to the point review on usually mid to low priced audio gear such as headphones and earphones.  They often complained about the use of over-complicated jargon and terminology as well as the reviews being overly in depth and nit picky. 

For that reason, I have brought back Stozz Audio to cater more towards that audience.  I get a lot of stuff sent to me as well as readers loaning equipment for reviews and I also buy a lot of gear.  I realize that I can’t write a 2000+ word review on every one of those items plus take the multiple hours to take and edit the photos so Stozz Audio is going to be doing things a little different going forward.

  1. Reviews will be much shorter and to the point
  2. Focus will be on more mid to low price items and consumer focused reviews as opposed to being directed at audio hobbyists
  3. It’s more than likely that this site will only use stock photos of the products doing the higher end photos that you find on Audiophile On takes a lot of time so I would rather focus on getting more reviews out than putting out less reviews with more photos
  4. We will be taking on reviews from our readers.  If you have a review and want to post it here then please contact us.  

For now that’s the plan and we will see how it goes.  Reviews should start popping up here from the start of August and we will try to get out a few a week.  Audiophile On will remain business as usual nothing will change over there but I hope that in styling reviews a little bit different over here as well as offering a wider range of budget audio gear reviews we can get better sound into more peoples ears.

As always happy listening, and sorry for your wallet.


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