RHA MA750: Review

The RHA MA750 now cost under 100 making one of the best earbuds you can buy at this price. Read the rest of the.review to find out why we rate them.so high.  


The RHA MA750i is another earphone that has been around for a while but for good reason. They were nearly perfect for their price when they came out but now that you can pick them up for under $100 they have to be one of the best buys you can make right now.

A bit about the RHA MA750

The 750’s are one of the initial products released from RHA. This company is based out of Glasgow Scotland can now be found in stores all over the world thanks to their slick design, stellar build and great sound across their entire product lineup. 

They’re one of their midrange earphones featuring a solid metal housing and dynamic driver technology. Originally retailing at around $130 euros you can now pick up a set of RHA MA750’s for under $85.  To me that puts them right up there as one of the best value earphones on the market in 2017.

Durable and Stylish

As mentioned above its the build quality and styling that really helps the MA750 stand out. These things are built to last and feel like a true premium set of earphones.  

The housing is solid and hardwearing stainless steel marked only with tasteful RHA branding.  They are designed to be worn over the ear and when done so they are extremely comfortable.  The cable guide has a nice memory to it that doesn’t degrade over time and the rubber finish on the cable itself is extremely tangle resistant.

Jack points are all bespoke design with the cool implementation of sliders and jack points and whilst the cables are not detachable RHA does offer an outstanding 3-year warranty on the MA750.

Amazing Accessories

If it’s one thing that RHA does well it’s the fine details and the included accessories are the proof.  Where as most other companies often include a generic bundle of extras the RHA MA750 comes with some cool tricks.  

You get every type of tip you would want dual flange silicone and foam and they are held in a novel but very cool “tip holder”.  You also get a custom RHA carry case that looks cool and gives you somewhere to store your earbuds when not in use.

Comfort & Isolation

Isolation is fairly good and the depth of insertion is around medium so its enough to block out a lot of ambient noise.  We give them the thumbs up for use when commuting.

Comfort is excellent, the cable sits over the ear and the buds themselves are fairly small and they sit nicely in the inner ear without ever feeling like they would come loose.  Cable is fairly long which is a good thing for taller people like me and microphonics is a non issue.

Punchy bass – Smooth Mids


The MA750 are a very good sounding set of earphones.  This is even truer when you consider that they cost only $85.  They do not have the all out detail of pricier hybrids with balanced armatures but the dynamic driver is tuned for an engaging fun and high energy sound.

Highs are smooth yet still, have a sparkle to them without too much roll off or sibilance. Midrange is a highlight.  Warm and airy it’s great fĝor male and female vocals as well as stringed instruments.  

Bass is big, the MA750 can really hit hard when they want to yet at the same time they remain very controlled.  Not quite the bass cannons that the companies own t10i are but the bass is way more controlled and impactful that I would expect under $100.

Final Verdict: RHA MA750 Review

Despite its new lower price and a whole host of earphones entering the market, the MA750 hasn’t aged a bit.  They are easily one of the best sounding and constructed a set of earphones you can buy for under $100.




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