Noontec Zoro HD: Review

Looking for one of the best sounding headphones under $50.  The Noontec Zoro HD scored highly in our review.  Read on to find out why these are some awesome portable cans.

The Review

At one time Noontec Zoro HD was thought of as cheap headphones that bore more than a passing similarity to those super popular Beats by Dre headphones.  The color scheme was the same, the logo was kinda similar but still, two things set them apart.  

One of these headphones cost many times less than the other and not only that but it sounded way better as well. A few years have gone by since I first looked at the Noontec Zoro HD and just the other day I was rummaging around on Amazon and saw that you could now pick them up for a shockingly low price of $26.99.

That got me thinking are the Zoro HD now the best sounding headphones for people on a budget.

Looks like but doesn’t sound like

As mentioned you can’t mistake that the Zoro HD looks like the Beats headphones.  I’m sure many people passed on them just for that reason given clones usually have such a terrible reputation when it comes to sound.  

However, soon the audio community was reviewing them and the opinions were that this was actually a great sounding headphone for the money… and that was back when they retailed for around $100.

The build quality was also surprisingly good.  Nice quality plastics combined with metal at stress points like the headband and folding mechanism meant they are sturdy and they fold up super small making them a great headphone for travel.

The pads are comfy, sitting on the ear and not over.  Clamping pressure was just right meaning you can wear them all day long without discomfort bar for the odd break to prevent sweaty ears.

The Zoro HD was looking good based on just the build and price alone. Came the sound. Everyone was a bit blown away and I am happy to report that the sound just as good today as they did back in 2013.

Neutral and balanced for under $100?

Yess the biggest surprise to everyone’s ears was that the Noontec Zoro didn’t follow with the thumping boomy and messy bass of the Dre Beats.  Instead, they were accurate and neutral. 

No one frequency took control of the overall sound.  Bass didn’t bleed into the mids and good god there was some semblance of a high end.

In fact, the lows are great.  Bass seems composed and it has a great attack speed to keep the pace with demanding tracks. Quantity can be pushed, getting the to almost rumble but t into that loose and uncontrolled mess that other sub $100 headphones are guilty of

Mids are crisp and neutral on the Zoro HD.  they haven’t been turned with the type of warmth that I expected.  The 40mm dynamic drivers that lay inside did a perfect job of conveying an uncoloured and accurate representation of the track. 

Soundstage is average, you won’t be getting an out the head experience but at the same time you don’t get that boxed in and claustrophobic sensation small on ear headphones are known for.


  • They kind of look like Beats
  • Some wont like the shiny plastic finish


  • Outstanding Value For Money
  • Balanced Sound
  • Comfortable
  • Can be folded up for travel

Final Verdict: Noontec Zoro HD Review

Im going to say it.  The Noontec Zoro HD are without a doubt the best sounding headphones under $50 right now.  The are well built, are comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions and the sound is just incredible when you think of how much you are paying.  

Styling might not be to everyones taste but at the end of the day its the sound that matters most to us here at Stozz Audio.


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