Symphonized NRG 3.0: Review

Wooden earphones that cost under $30? Our review of the Symphonized NRG 3.0 takes a look at one of this years best value to sound quality earbuds.

The Symphonized NRG 3.0 Review

I  love me some wooden earbuds and the Syponized NRG 3.0 are one of the best cheap sets on the market.  So I’ve been told anyway.  That’s right countless readers bugged me for what seems like forever to do a review of these in ear headphones and the time has finally come.  So I stumped up the whopping $25 dollars the cost over on Amazon and a few days later a neat little package arrived at my door.

Eco Friendly? Maybe…

You can have the NRG 3.0 earphones in a variety of different wood and cable color options and I opted to go for the dark wood option with the gray and white cable thinking the would be the best looking.  I wasn’t wrong, for such an inexpensive product they look incredibly nice and in the hand, they feel even better.

The finish is good, not as perfect as the wooden earphones from JVC (but then again they cost many multiples more than the NRG). The strain relief points at the earbuds side of the cable is excellent and the metal accents really enhance the look of them.

The cable itself is similar to the old barber pole style you used to get on the Vsonic GR07 Bass Edition.  It handles itself well and only displays the slightest hint of microphonics (cable noise) when music isn’t playing. I also found it to resist tangles most of the time.

I’m not so sure I buy the eco-friendly tag though.  I think it was more that they designed a set of wooden earphones and as a result were able to label them as “eco-friendly for marketing purposes.  

Comfort and Isolation

I do really like them though.  They are a traditional style earbud designed to be worn with the cable down.  They were very easy to find a tight fit due to the very good silicone tips and a medium insertion depth.  

I experienced no discomfort whatsoever during the review process and it really was just a case of sticking them in your ear and forgetting about them.

Isolation was just ok, you do get some ingress of sound from the outside but not an overall bad performance.  

Inline Microphone and Remote

Something  I didn’t expect to see was an inline microphone and buttons for controlling playback and volume.  A great little inclusion that worked well with my smartphone and adds overall functionality to these IEM’s.

Sound Performance

So many of the cheap wooden earbuds I have tried in the past have come across all warm and bassy but that’s not the case with the NRG 3.0.  The sound is much more refined.

Highs are well defined and clear and don’t suffer from being drowned out by the lower frequencies. Mids are smooth, clear and have some richness to them.  The bass is surprisingly well timed, it’s not boomy or overpowering and good speed is capable of being maintained in tough tracks.

The NRG 3.0 isn’t going to be challenging audiophile headphones anytime soon but they sound excellent when you consider the price.


FInal Verdict – Symphonized NRG 3.0 Review

The NRG 3.0 is for all intents and purposes a great value set of earbuds.  Fans of the woody style earphones should rejoice that there exists a model that has really nice build quality and styling but at the same time doesn’t slack on sound quality.

A very capable cheap IEM that we certainly recommend.





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