Phaiton BT 120 NC Review – Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones

In our review of the Phaiton BT 120 NC noise canceling earphones we discuss why you should avoid buying them and opt for a good noise isolating earbud instead.

Phaiton bt 120 nc curve noise canceling earphones review.

Phaiton BT 120 NC Review

Wireless bluetooth earbuds with noise cancellation that actually works are still very hard to find. In this Phaiton BT120 NC review we are taking a look at a sub $100 set of earphones that are widely available to buy online. Phaiton have build a solid reputation over the past few years of offering good quality audio products on a budget. This one is particularly interesting as they have a number of features usually associated with the most expensive wireless earbuds.


  • Noise Cancellation (ANC)

  • Notification vibrations

  • IPX4 water resistance

  • Fast charge technology

  • Inline controls and microphone

So as you can see the BT 120 NC are a pretty feature packed set of earphones and they actually surprised us by performing above our expectations throughout this review.

The noise canceling was terrible and seriously its almost pointless to have it included. It offers a barley noticeable reduction in external noise which leads me to believe a lot of the online reviews are fake. To be fair most ANC earbuds suck at any price and in noise cancellation is something you are looking for then get a full size set of headphones. If it is earbuds you want to use in a loud environment then i suggest you look for noise isolating earbuds instead.

The notification vibration that I thought was going to be somewhat of a novelty was accurately pretty useful and I far prefer it over audio notifications. Messages or calls come though without disturbing you are the strength of the vibration is fairly strong so you wont miss it.

I like that they hare water resistant and that makes them a suitable option to work out with them. This combined with the weighted neckband gives a lot of confidence for runners. Just remember that they are water resistant and not waterproof so they should not be fully submerged.

Battery life is stated as 8.5 hours from a full charge but we found we were getting closer to 7. What I really did like though was the fast charge feature which gave a full hours playback from just over 5 minutes on charge.

The inline controls of the BT120 NC are clearly marked and easy to operate single handed and give a nice tactile feedback.

Build Quality and Style

Phaiton curve bt 120 nc earbuds

The build quality is good, not crazy over engineered but they feel solidly put together and capable of taking some abuse. The earbuds are plastic and of a fairly small size meaning that they were lightweight and easy to insert. Using the wing tips also means that they will sit better in your ear and be less prone to falling out.

The cable is nicely put together and is constructed of a heavier neckband that helps to keep them in place when moving around. The strain reliefs at the earpieces also inspire confidence over the long term.

The only thing I would like to see to improve the construction/feature set would be the inclusion of USB-C. Micro connectors are dying out on other devices so it would be nice to have one cable for charging my phone and earphones.

Sound Quality

With the noise cancelling turned off I was pretty disappointed. The Phaiton sounded drawn and sucked out but that was soon fixed by hitting the ANC switch. Everything becomes clearer and fuller. They sound good. Don’t get me wrong, the noise cancelling itself was not effective, but having it turned on does wonders for the sound.

The sound is decidedly bass orientated and warm. Its a smooth and uncomplicated presentation that does well with a lot of genres. The low end emphasis comes mainly in the way of quantity but there isn’t too much in the way of speed in attack. Its punchy but at times it struggles to keep up with faster EDM tracks and often bleeds through the mids.

The mids are smooth and good on vocals but ultimately it lacks a but of punch with recession in the upper midrange follows by a very laid back top end.

Conclusion – Phaiton BT120 NC review

I honestly wanted to like the Phaiton BT 120 NC but in all honesty I just can fully recommend them. They have a lot of cool features but really you would be buying them for noise cancellation and they do very little of that. I recommend anyone shopping for earbuds in this price range to instead buy a set of good sound isolating earbuds like the Shure SE215 or Etymotic HF5

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